Real Estate Metaverse: Now You Can Now Purchase Your Dream Home as NFT 

In addition to the fashion and art sectors, NFTs are also being employed in many other fields. When it comes to the real estate property market, a 4 million dollar house in the United States is on its way to becoming the most expensive home ever sold in NFT form. 

What if real estate in the actual world existed in the form of an NFT? Remember about the metaverse’s virtual real estate mania; non-fungible tokens are now being used to acquire physical real estate. A Florida home was auctioned off for $653,00 through NFT in February. According to American real estate experts, this is only the beginning. 

An increasing number of developers in the United States are giving these new sorts of offers. For instance, Utah developer Dave Wilkes is constructing a high-end residence in Millcreek. A spa, sauna, rooftop terrace, and swimming pool are all planned for the 800-square-meter living. To purchase this property (and hence this NFT), buyers will need to fork out at least $4 million in bitcoin. In this case, it might be the most valuable physical item ever sold as an NFT. 

The new owners of the Millcreek house will have the legal right to call themselves their property’s legal heirs. Every aspect of the house, including its design, blueprints, and architecture, will be included in an NFT transaction with the buyer, David Wilkes informs Utah Business. “It’s a whole package,” he adds. Also included in this NFT are tangible and virtual pieces of art. According to Wilkes, you won’t have to go through the real estate title procedure again if you use or sell your residence digitally. 

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Is this the beginning of a new era in Real Estate? 


In the beginning, it may seem impossible or implausible. However, it’s important to note that the real estate business has a lot to gain from the blockchain. NFT tokens are handled by a “smart contract” that can be seen by anybody who buys them. Computer protocols that facilitate, verify, and carry out the conditions of a contract are used to promote, verify, and carry out these near-automatic contracts. 

An LLC will hold the title and money for this Utah home… However, because of the non-fungible token’s one-of-a-kind nature, only the owner can utilize the asset. However, the European Union has not yet decided on the legality of smart contracts, and they are not yet enforceable in the United States. The legal foundation for these contracts is currently being discussed, and they might become enforceable in the future. 

All of this is for what? For both buyers and sellers, third-party interference in a typical real estate transaction might increase expenses. Non-fungible tokens are being used to facilitate property ownership by speeding up the transaction and increasing its transparency. 

According to David Wilkes, blockchain in real estate might help less wealthy purchasers accumulate money as housing costs rise. By way of example, you may acquire a small stake in a property. In the future, “I believe that there will be a wide variety of ownership forms for houses,” he says in an interview with Utah Business. This generation’s house ownership and occupancy practices are likely to be substantially different from those in place for the previous century or more. 

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