RadioShack set to Make a Comeback as a Web3 Brand

Just when we thought the 2022 crypto timeline couldn’t get any wilder, dead American tech retailer RadioShack has been resurrected on Twitter as a snarky Web3 brand. Rather than a one-stop shop for batteries, computer cables, and remote-control toys, the once-beloved electronics dealer has been rejuvenated as a cryptocurrency swap

RadioShack has actually existed as a Web3 company for a couple of years now (don’t worry, this isn’t some type of Mandela effect) thanks to the handiwork of entrepreneur investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez.

It all dates back to November 2020 when the aforesaid Mehr and Lopez made headlines after they purchased RadioShack out of bankruptcy. While the deal surely raised some eyebrows at the time, the company’s current social media campaigns have been luring quite a bit of attention in the NFT and crypto space.

Reportedly spearheaded by influential NFT collector fxnction, the RadioShack Twitter as of late has been on a rant, roasting NFT traders, calling out other discontinued brands, and engaging in witty and vulgar back and forths with members of the NFT community. Yet it appears that the stunt was mostly a bid for the attention of the more prominent NFT ecosystem as RadioShack looks to compete with other crypto swaps and exchanges during a grump market.

Here is one of the sarcastic tweets,

Stunt or not, once the news was out that fxnction was behind RadioShack’s snarkiness, many other well-known NFT personalities joined in on the joke, engaging in some (probably much-needed) blockchain comedy reassurance. However, it remains to be seen if RadioShack will keep up its streak as a hot topic, the simple fact that an old-fashioned brand has transformed into a fully-fledged Web3 commodity is truly remarkable.

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