PUMA reveals Man City FC’s 2022/23 City Third kit in their first ever Metaverse kit launch

Man City’s 2022/23 PUMA third kit

Manchester City Third Kit Jersey from PUMA

The new kit was unveiled for the first time on Roblox giving players the prospect to explore and interact with the new kit in the PUMA and the Land of Games experience.

The new Third jersey demonstrated in the experience celebrates Manchester’s creativity with a Fizzy Light and Parisian Night Color palette featuring bold attributes inspired by the city’s street art.

The special Metaverse event features a Manchester City reskin of the existing lobby and stadium in PUMA and the Land of Games for a finite time only. The experience will feature Manchester City FC’s Home and Third kits.

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The event will also bring renewed community-created merchandise, new in-experience, Layered Clothing items, and updates to featured activities. As part of the launch, a portal will open between Man City’s Blue Moon experience on Roblox, offering visitors the possibility to earn a free item by visiting both experiences.

Also, for the first two weeks of the launch, users who contend and win in Football Rush in PUMA and the Land of Games will be able to redeem a free digital Manchester City Third kit jersey. All other visitors will have the chance to buy the new digital Manchester City Third kit in the PUMA gear shop on Roblox.

To additionally support the launch, PUMA will be hosting a YouTube tournament in Football Rush that will consist of roughly ten participants split into two. The tournament will take place following the kit launch event with the winners of the tournament acquiring $10,000 USD to be utilized on Roblox.

Ivan Dashkov, Creative Culture Director at PUMA, mentions that they are thrilled to continue evolving their experience within Roblox with PUMA and the Land of Games and they couldn’t think of a better partner than Manchester City. The director also emphasizes that the kit launch pushes the limits by doing something different and innovative as they continue to test and learn in the Web3 space, and also looking forward to leveraging Roblox as a platform to connect with fans of different ages.

Serena Gosling, Director of Retail and Licensing, City Football Group expressed that Manchester City has witnessed many kit launches throughout the Club’s history which include two of the most successful releases in recent months with the 2022/23 Home and Away kits.

The director also conveyed that it was exciting that they were able to work with PUMA to announce the launch of our first kit in the metaverse today. As a club, they are continually exploring new ways to innovate, collaborate and use the latest technology in order to challenge themselves to ensure they engage with all areas of their fan base, particularly the younger audiences who are the next generation of fans.

The Manchester City Third Kit jersey features a hooped design drawing inspiration from the Manchester Worker Bee, a symbol of Mancunian character that found its way from the Manchester coat of arms to the city streets, walls, and galleries.

The hoops are treated with a special spray paint effect paying tribute to the creativeness and artistry synonymous with Manchester.

The latest Third kit physical jersey arrives in two iterations. The Authentic jersey features ULTRAWEAVE performance fabric and dryCELL sweat-wicking technology, making the jersey the lightest and most comfy PUMA has ever produced. The Replica version is created with 100% recycled polyester and rigged with dryCELL sweat-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the 90 minutes and beyond this means, no matter the time, pitch, or place, players will feel comfortable. Both jerseys are created with 100% recycled materials, omitting the trims and decorations as a step toward a better future.

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