Politicians rely on NFTs to finance their campaigns

NFTs have transformed the crowdfunding industry. Rather than depending on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, many individuals are utilizing the revenues from NFT sales to promote charity organisations.

Activists and groups collected millions of dollars in the first few months of 2022 to remove medical debt, safeguard reproductive rights, and assist people harmed by conflict.

NFTs have been used to generate funds in almost every industry, including politics. Even previous presidential candidate Andrew Yang recognizes the potential for NFTs and Web3 to facilitate fundraising and community-building initiatives. He is also not alone. As the U.S. election season approaches, one lawmaker is utilizing technology to gather funds for his next campaign.

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The governor of Colorado seeks your assistance


In preparation for his re-election campaign in 2023, the current governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, revealed the debut of his very own NFT collection. The 2,022 tokens in the collection will include pictures of items with particular significance to Polis and the state of Colorado, such as a rainbow-colored hilltop and a computerized image of Polis’ dog Gia with lasers shooting out of her eyes.

These non-fungible tokens will not be sold on the secondary market and will serve mainly as digital keepsakes for Polis’ supporters. They are meant to be as accessible as possible, especially for non-web3 natives within his supporting base. If this collection sells for $52.80 each, Polis’ campaign team will have a nice $100,000 (and change) to work with. In addition, supporters will be able to utilize these NFTs as tickets to various events scheduled near and throughout Polis’ final campaign cycle.

In a display of thoroughness on the part of the Polis campaign team, the collection will also be housed on the eco-friendly Flow blockchain. It is the first time a politician of this status in the United States has included blockchain-based approaches into their entire fundraising plan. ‘Stature’ is the critical term since Polis is not the first U.S. politician to experiment in the Web3 space. He is just the most elected official.

Months before his declaration, Democratic congressional candidate Shrina Kurani proposed NFTs as a tactic to better motivate campaign contributions. Ultimately, she only collected $6,610 via the project.

However, this did not prevent future U.S. politicians from using NFTs in their fundraising efforts. Blake Masters, a Republican Senate candidate, has likewise been highly vocal about his enthusiasm for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, minting NFTs for his campaign.

The most outstanding achievement of this project for Polis is not the dollars he will raise for this campaign but the increased degree of supporter participation he will obtain. In the end, NFTs are all about community.

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