Picasso painting to be sold as an NFT

WISeKey International Holdings Ltd. informed that its WISe.ART 2.1 NFT marketplace will create an NFT token for a major cubist painting by Pablo Picasso dubbed “The Magic Violin.” The NFT will include a physical package retaining the original artwork, a holographic version of the NFT, and a live broadcast of the NFT in two different museums simultaneously.

Picasso’s Magic Violin

Picasso’s “Magic Violin”

Picasso’s “Magic Violin” is a collage created from newspaper clippings, colored paper, and music scores. The NFT and art design were done by Pedro Sandoval, who in his small film, conveys the story of the theft of two violins from the famous French painter Henri Rousseau. Picasso, who extremely admired the artist, replaced the violins with an image of a violin and put them inside the empty case. The case with the cut-out violin is now the property of a Spanish collector, Marco Salvadores Ruiz’s grandson, who purchased it at an auction.

The art piece has been displayed in the following locations:

  • In 2020 at the Museum of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, established by Queen María Cristina in 1830
  • Last year in 2021 at the San Clemente Cultural Center in Toledo
  • This year in the City of San Clemente in Cuenca by the Antonio Pérez Foundation

Pedro José Sandoval is an artist from Venezuela well-known for his abstract neo-expressionist art. His work is in many private collections around the globe.

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About WiSe.ART

WISe.ART is an online platform that unites artists, galleries, collectors, and other stakeholders of the art market. The platform presents a unique solution to the problem of authenticity and ownership verification of digital assets.

The new design by WISe.Art permits the creation of a digital asset that can be connected to a physical object and provides proof of ownership, provenience, and a set of contracts determining future use and monetization.

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