People Are Complaining About Coinbase NFT Beta After Its Launch 

After over seven months of anticipation, the Coinbase NFT marketplace has now arrived to show off its beauty to the Web3 community. Conibase NFT’s interface and upgrades over Opsensea seem to be unappealing to NFT fans and traders alike. In light of the fact that Coinbase NFT’s platform does not yet have any decentralized functionality. For the time being, the Web3 community views Coinbase’s capacity to compete in the NFT industry with skepticism. As competition from more significant markets grows, it will be necessary for Coinbase to gain momentum in its marketplace strategy. 

Coinbase launched the formal construction of the NFT marketplace in October of last year to engage with the existing marketplaces such as OpenSea by giving their community new and unique services. Despite the platform’s primary concentration on asset sales, the current NFT market has a lot in common with popular social networking services. 

After creating an account, individuals can follow other members to expand their network. With the addition of a voting mechanism in the comments, Coinbase NFT users may “heart” and comment on NFTs. However, Coinbase doesn’t yet know when the whole marketplace will be online. For the time being, anybody interested in checking out the newly redesigned marketplace may do so by visiting their official website and creating an account. 

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Participants in the Coinbase NFT Marketplace Beta Testing Process 

Create a profile Coinbase NFT Marketplace Beta

Members of the Coinbase queue may be granted exclusive access to the Coinbase NFT Marketplace in advance. The staff is now underway to select people from the waiting list to take part in the marketplace’s buying and selling of NFTs. Members of the waitlist may purchase and sell NFTs using a personal wallet. Furthermore, there will be no transaction costs on the platform for a short period to encourage trade. Coinbase’s workforce is working constantly to add new features and launch the Coinbase marketplace. Coinbase will include several NFT collections during the test launch, including Doodles, World of Women, and Azuki. 

“We discovered that users desire more than improved tools for buying and selling NFTs. They want more effective means to find them, more effective ways to connect with the proper groups, and more effective locations in which they may feel connected to one another. That is why we are developing a much more complex solution than a transactional service. We want to enable individuals to create, gather, and connect.” said Sanchan Saxena, Coinbase’s vice president of products. 

Opensea and LooksRare, the most recent NFT marketplace, have a stranglehold on the market, and Coinbase has joined it without hesitation. Opensea continues to outperform Looksrare in terms of trading volume, despite the latter’s alleged association with wash trading. More than $23.5 billion has been traded on OpenSea since it was first launched in 2017. Without even mentioning January’s massive outpouring of spending, which amounted to little over six billion dollars. 

Coinbase’s reputation and user-friendly design have made it the most popular crypto exchange in the United States. Competitors will be watching closely to see whether they can stay up with the UI interface and cutting-edge platform capabilities that Coinbase NFT offers, even as it assumes the form of an NFT digital social networking platform. 

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