Payoneer to deliver its Global Payment service in the Metaverse with Naver Z

Payoneer, a leading online financial services provider, is set to bring its global payment service to ZEPETO’s 320 million metaverse users in collaboration with Naver Z.

Payoneer has been preferred by Naver Z to bring its global payment service to ZEPETO, the South Korean company’s global metaverse platform with over 320 million recorded users. Naver Z is a subordinate of the Korean internet giant Naver Corp. Just this year, it announced the launch of a $100 million fund for its metaverse project.

Zepeto started out as a 3D creator app but since then, it has been onboarded with better tools and features to make it a completely immersive project.

Back in June, Naver Z and SoftBank teamed up to venture a metaverse shop on the platform. The shop delivers customer service 24 hours a day, with an AI bot handling over from the human customer service providers during off hours.

Payoneer is coming in to equip Zepeto’s creator community with a global payment service that will allow users of the metaverse platform to expediently pay and get paid in multiple currencies and geographies.

The online payments services provider has been broadening its footprint in the creator economy, which has become one of its main verticals for strategic development. The collaboration will also serve as a resource for creators to extend their global clientele. In fact, it will also enable Naver Z to transmit payments to creators expeditiously and cost-effectively. 

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Remarks on Payoneer x Naver Z Collaboration


Ricky Kang, Head of Business at Naver Z conveyed that opportunities to create income from the creative economy in virtual worlds continue to extend and it is critical that Naver Z is ready to deliver creators with the best payment experience.

Further, Ricky also emphasizes that in addition to helping Naver Z improve the speed of payments, Naver Z’s collaboration with Payoneer boosts the economic opportunity for our creators by allowing them to trade into new markets and receive payments regardless of location.

Woo Yong Lee, Regional Head of East Asia at Payoneer remarked that Naver Z is a pioneer of content creation in the virtual world, and Payoneer is excited to meet the needs of digital creators by reducing the friction that can exist in cross-border payments in the digital economy due to the nature of complicated financial operating systems.

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