Parov Stelar and Flowtys Release Generative NFT Music 

With Flowtys, the worldwide DJ and producer Parov Stelar has announced his NFT debut. They will offer the first-ever NFT collection of auto-generated music and film. 

Blockchain technology, old-school cartoonish images, and distinctive music will all come together in the 10K collection. On April 23rd, the collection will be released, so let’s look at what we already know! 

The Parov Stelar x Flowtys collaboration is a game-changing moment 


NFT’s ‘Moonlight Love Affair’ compilation will have 10,000 tracks created by an algorithm. Parov Stelar played everything on the album, from the drums to the keyboards to the bass and the vocals. An algorithm based on the sounds of the musicians will create a tune once you coin your NFT. There will be a few hints to Parov Stelar’s next album, “Moonlight Love Affair,” among the NFT tracks. 

Meanwhile, the tunes will be accompanied by Flowtys’ famous cartoon-style graphics. Each figure has its own set of hand-drawn characteristics and effects. 

Each of the following factors raises the uniqueness of a digital asset: 

  • NFTs that are very rare (less than 1%) include a double ticket to Parov Stelar’s concert; 
  • 13 Legendary NFTs are delivering a double invitation to Parov Stelar’s event and a VIP chance to meet with the artist. 

Notably, each NFT’s invites will be reissued every year. There’s no better way to see the DJ’s live performances than with only one digital asset! 

The rarest NFT items will also have Parov Stelar’s voice and other unique noises. The NFT’s audio files may be used for personal projects such as video creation and remixing. 

NFT’s Moonlight Love Affair series will be available on April 23rd at 6:00 PM Central European Time. April 29th will be a designated release day for the tracks, available as a music album. 

What you need to know about Flowtys 

Flowtys is one of the newest high-profile NFT collections out for grabs right now. Ten thousand programmatically-created digital characters based on the Ethereum blockchain will be released in its first drop. The items are modeled around cartoons from the 1920s. Overall, the NFTs respect the classic, legendary cartoons that we all grew up with: Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Pinocchio. 

Because of this, Flowtys’ popularity surged. DJ Marshmello, Elijah Wood, and TIME President Keith A. Grossman are just a few high-profile NFT holders. 

Flowtys’ partnership with Parov Stelar is expected to raise their total NFT value. The team’s contribution will be remembered for its role in The Moonlight Love Affair drop. 

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