Yugalabs’s Otherside Metaverse’s “First Trip” was a Hit!!

The positively anticipated first trip into the Otherside Metaverse went off with 4,500 users, as the project’s Otherdeed NFTs surpassed $1 billion in sales.

Around 4,500 people have jumped into the “first trip” tech demo of the Otherside Metaverse project associated with Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

The first trip occurred on July 16 and was available to Otherdeed NFT land owners, who are known as Voyagers and have all snapped up tokenized land plots in the Otherside virtual world. It seems to have been a vibrant success, with numerous community members taking to Twitter to express their eagerness for the event.

Here is one such tweet,

The first trip

Otherside First Trip

The 4,500 Voyagers first entered a blank virtual lobby as Voyager avatars before they all tracked a giant Bored Ape through a colorful portal into the Otherside Metaverse. Once the Voyagers arrived in a location called the Biogenic Swamp, they were headed towards a centrally located stadium where they could try out the avatar dynamics such as dancing, running, jumping, and emojis.

From there on, they were able to scour a few other special areas and interact with the environment, which featured giant creatures that were strolling around attacking Voyagers if they got too close.

Yuga Labs stated, that in the early testing phases of the project, which contains several “trips,” only Otherdeed owners and third-party developers were able to access Otherside. The team reported that these Voyagers would be able to deliver critical feedback on the platform and crucial aspects such as software development kits and in-game building tools.


Soon after the first trip went live, Yuga Labs released a “litepaper” sharing a brief of the principles behind Otherside Metaverse and how the project will advance moving forward. Originally, there will be three phrases; yet, only the first one has been drafted so far.

The first phase will retain an 11-part storyline game mode surrounding a “mysterious Obelisk” that has emerged in Otherside. The game mode will also permit users to explore what can “be harvested, crafted, traded, bought, and sold” in the game.

Further, Voyagers will play a large role in shaping the core capacities of the platform through exclusive events, playtesting opportunities, and as co-developers of our Otherside Development Kits (ODKs), mentions the litepaper reads, which further also notes that in order to plant the seeds for a successful community, they are starting development on Otherside with Voyagers, who are their first adopters and believers. They are a critical part of Otherside’s history and are requested to join the Voyager’s Journey.

In terms of regulations, Yuga Labs remarked that the platform is being developed with a community-first approach, “genuine” asset ownership, and interoperability that will witness the support of NFTs from other projects. The team also expects to include incentives and support such as education, experience, and leadership from partnered entities that are well “established and respected” in the crypto area.

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Otherdeed NFTs in Otherside Metaverse

The Otherdeed NFTs have witnessed healthy demand since their launch back in May, with the collection yielding more than $1 billion worth of sales volume in just three months. In terms of all-time sales, the figure put Otherdeed as the seventh highest selling NFT project ever.

Further, Yuga Labs also has a strong foothold in the top 10. Its other original projects, BAYC and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), are classified as the third and fourth highest selling NFT projects of all time at $2.3 billion and $1.6 billion worth of sales apiece.

There are 200,000 plots of tokenized land in Otherside Metaverse, and the floor price of the NFTs (at the time of writing) was lurking around 2.80 Ether (ETH), worth roughly $4,000.

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