OpenSea NFT Marketplace Provides 5 tips for safety after user emails leak

Prominent NFT marketplace OpenSea alerted their users that their emails have most probably been leaked and reminded them of 5 recommendations on how to protect themselves from email phishing attempts.

The company giving an update said, that they have recently learned that an employee of, our email delivery vendor, misused their employee access to download and share email addresses provided by OpenSea users and subscribers to their newsletter with an unauthorized external party, they also mention that they have reported this incident to law enforcement.

Because the data compromise included email addresses, there may be an intensified possibility of email phishing attempts, the firm said, urging their users to “treat any future emails that appear to be from OpenSea carefully.”

Misspelled Domain Names Examples

OpenSea presented 5 safety recommendations:

  1. Be alert to phishing emails from addresses trying to impersonate OpenSea. OpenSea will ONLY send you emails from the domain- Please do not engage with any email swearing to be from OpenSea that does not come from this email domain.
  2. Never download anything from an OpenSea email. Authentic OpenSea emails do not contain attachments or requests to download anything.
  3. Check the URL of any page linked in an OpenSea email. We will only include hyperlinks to the ‘’ URLs. Make sure that ‘’ is spelled accurately, as it’s common for malicious actors to spoof URLs by shuffling letters.
  4. NEVER share or verify your passwords or secret wallet phrases. OpenSea will never encourage you to do this, in any format.
  5. NEVER sign a wallet transaction stirred directly from an email. OpenSea emails will never include links that directly encourage you to sign a wallet transaction. Never sign a wallet transaction that does not list the source of if you were guided there by email.

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