OpenSea announces 20% layoff of employees

Co-founder and CEO of Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, Devin Finzer, announced that the platform is laying off about 20 percent of its total employees.


The CEO conveyed a note that stated that today is a hard day for OpenSea, as we are letting go of 20 percent of our team.

The note also mentioned that they have made an incredibly sad and difficult decision to reduce the size of their team by 20%, and also noted that they were saying goodbye to many of their friends and team members across OpenSea.

In addition. the note also highlights that each of the people leaving played a critical role in OpenSea’s journey. They supported the users, backed the mission, and worked intensely to build the foundations of the NFT space.

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The CEO also said that these employees are talented and committed and they will be missed. He also emphasizes that the company plans to treat them with great care.

Further, Finzer expressed that he anticipates that the company will see an outbreak in innovation and utility across NFTs during the winter and will soon become the biggest market on the planet.

Interestingly the CEO points out that when the global economy is unsteady, their mission to build the foundation for new, peer-to-peer economies becomes more urgent and critical than ever, and emphasis on: winter is our time to build.

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