OnlyFans founder RJ Phillips Reveals Zoop Trading Card Platform 

When RJ Phillips ventured Onlyfans, he started a whole new campaign of democratization of the adult industry. Now, he desires to dominate the WEB3 domain with a new NFT project.

The founder of OnlyFans has informed the launch of a Trading Card Platform named “Zoop.” The decentralized NFT trading platform will be available for all varieties of audiences. The platform will run on the Polygon network.

According to a few press releases, the new ecosystem will feature officially licensed digital cards of celebrities and influencers. All thanks to Zoop’s partnerships with different media enterprises.

However,  Zoop is not just a one-man project. The platform will be backed by a team of developers with a proven understanding of WEB3 products.

Zoop will facilitate the exchange of 3D digital letters from celebrities & influencers

RJ Phillips Zoop

RJ Phillips, founder, and co-CEO of Zoop expressed that his platform will aid users in the process of purchasing and auctioning the cards. He also revealed that Zoop would be a win for celebrities and brands because it will bring new methods to interact with their fans and customers.

The CEO mentions that Zoop is the trusted home for authentic celebrity card drops, allowing all fans, regardless of their technical knowledge, to participate in the web3.0 space. He also adds that they hold users’ hands as they compete in acquiring digital collectibles in the auction process, show off their holdings to friends, and ‘collect-to-connect’ with their favorite celebrities of today and tomorrow.

Polygon and Zoop look to accelerate Web3 expansion

Michael Blank, COO of Polygon Studios, stated that they were thrilled to be working with the Zoop team, He also emphasized that the project aligns with Polygon’s goals and mission to drive Web3 use to millions of people.

As of now, there is no specific launch date is available. Regardless, anyone hoping to participate in the pre-launch must register and apply for Priority passes that will bring in rewards and perks such as airdrops and real-life prizes. The first batch of these Priority Passes is available on their official website

Onlyfans And Censorship

Last year Onlyfans rang some alarms on social networks after declaring a possible ban of explicit sex on the platform.

The platform tried to explain this by claiming that the measure “obeyed the concerns of bankers and investors” precisely when they were looking to boost more funds.

Such arguments were not adequate for many enthusiasts. During the controversy, a lot of decentralized alternatives began to emerge.

But, shortly after, the platform revealed that an agreement was reached with content creators so that they could resume offering their services without restrictions.

Here is the thank you tweet from the platform, 

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