Nike’s NFT Project RTFKT stays strong despite the Market downtrend, Mints $11 M worth of NFTs in a week

Over the last seven days, Nike’s NFT project RTFKT has raised more than $11 million from NFT mints. The leading sportswear brand’s web3 unit stands strong and performs well even in the midst of an NFT downtrend.


On August 30, the company unleashed its Clone X NFT Firging collection. The minting took take place on September 7. NFT Forging initiates soon after the close of the minting process.

According to transaction data from Dune Analytics, minting activity was elevated at the beginning of the process, and spiked again towards the end as more individuals trooped in for their last chance.

The Clone X Forging Collections is an NFT project by Nike-owned RTFKT, which features exclusive apparel developed for Clone X holders. The collection contains a total of 74 items featuring hoodies, shoes, T-shirts, jerseys, vests, socks, and much more.

According to the Dune, shoes accounted for the lion’s share of the payment with 64.7%, while hoodies accounted for 12.8% & 8.7% for T-shirts.

In terms of items sold, T-shirts accounted for the bulk with 36.2%, while shoes, socks, caps, and hoodies followed with 23.5%, 11.5%, 12.9%, and 9.3%, respectively.

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As reported by NFTHi, last month, Nike’s NFT projects have yielded nearly $200 million to date if you add mint revenue from the Clone X Forge to the $185 million mark.

The company keeps serving as a great example of how mainstream vendors are taking advantage of the NFT trend to create new and feasible revenue streams.

Nike’s RTFKT now has a whole cabinet based on its top NFT collections that can be worn by web3 users in the metaverse.

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