Niantic and NBA team up for AR Metaverse game 

Last week, Niantic, a leading augmented reality (AR) company, disclosed that it is cooperating with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) to develop an original AR game named NBA All-World.

Niantic x NBA Partnership

The mobile game uses Niantic’s geolocation tech to engage NBA fans in a real-world metaverse NBA experience. The game is free and users can contend and play with NBA hoop begins in their neighborhood.


Niantic builds real-world metaverses and has experience building games that encourage attention in local communities. Founded in 2010, the company’s duty is to utilize emerging technologies to enhance our experiences as humans in the physical world and to design products that influence movement.

As reported by Niantic’s Senior Developer, Marcus Mathews, the game allows players to show where they come from. Matt Holt, the Head of Consumer Products at the NBA, added that NBA All-World will deliver fans around the world a completely immersive experience. The real-world, AR game will be the initial of its kind for the NBA, though the league has been deep in Web3 for some time now.

Further, users can buy custom NBA clothing for their avatars and be eligible for unique drops. There is no set announcement date for the game, but curious players are encouraged to register on to be notified when it is available in their country.

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The NBA continues to progress as a developer in Web3

Different reports have wrapped up all kinds of industries and people entering Web3, such as fashion, luxury cars, sports, celebrities, and so on. But among this community, the NBA has been guiding the way for some time.

In 2019, the NBA collaborated with the CryptoKitties’ creators Dapper Labs, to create NBA Top Shot, an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital cards and videos of NBA players and moments.

Since then NBA Top Shot started the league in the NFT space and has not looked back at all. Below are some more NBA-related stories in Web3:

• NBA is forming a City-Wide NFT gallery for the All-Star Game
• NBA is unleashing 30 NFTs, which double as VIP All-Star tickets
• Lebron James & NBA file for NFT trademarks
• NBA declared 18,000 dynamic NFTs for playoffs

In addition to the league, diverse teams and players are active in Web3, including the latest NBA champion and Finals MVP Stephen Curry, who owns the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and is also a member of golf-themed decentralized organization Links DAO.

Time will reveal whether the new AR game from Niantic and the NBA will be as original and exciting as it seems.

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