NFTs- beFitter – A Web3 app that rewards users for leading a healthy lifestyle

The initial success of beFITTER can be attributed to the developers, the team behind it, and Icetea Labs which delivered the required resources and helped the project nurture and grow in a highly competitive market. beFITTER is not just a Move-to-Earn project but intends to achieve way more.

beFitter Web3 App

The aim, as shared by the team, is to assemble a fitter and healthier world by following scientific principles. And with health becoming a significant concern amongst the masses, there couldn’t be a better time to launch the project. According to recent surveys, more than 50 million people in the USA partake in running activities. beFITTER plans to reward these users for simply doing what they already do i.e. exercise!

Icetea Labs, the major power behind beFITTER, is one of the foremost incubators in SEA and promotes blockchain and metaverse projects. It eliminates the very crucial barrier for any project, raising funds in the initial phase.

Further, Icetea Labs has over 100 successful projects listed and has founded two of the best-performing launchpads, GameFi and Red Kite.

beFITTER works along the lines of the Proof-of-Work-Out idea which emphasizes creating sensation and having a fit body. The concept also allows users to socialize with one another and create a healthy competition.

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While minting NFTs would not seem like a complicated task to many, getting all the necessary aspects right definitely is. And, beFITTER has done that quite well! It’s not just a virtual art, each NFT has been meticulously prepared and designed after putting in a great effort. The team first pinpointed what the platform’s users look to pursue and accordingly came up with the NFT collection.

Since the character’s feet are bigger than usual, the detailing comes out strong, and the NFTs look more prominent. Softwares like Maya, Blender, and Sketchup, amongst others, were used during the approach of creating these NFTs, and in the end, these turned out pretty well and have garnered a lot of attention amongst NFT enthusiasts.

About the beFITTER app

The beFITTER app will soon be open on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once it’s open, users can download it and start earning compelling rewards for activities like walking, running, or cycling. They can view their Shoe collection, repair it, boost it, sell their NFTs, or unbox the Mystery Shoe NFT, all of it via the inventory.

In addition, the app will permit users to view their current holdings, both the tokens, and NFTs, along with the option to move their spending to the wallet. Users can also check out their profiles or that of their friends. The best part is that it will allow selling the Mystery Shoe Box or Shoe NFT from the marketplace. For more information check out beFitter’s official website.

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