NFT Rugpull Project Shura’s Mystery Revealed by Blockchain Detective

On Twitter, @zachxbt has been digging into Project Shura’s rug pull. Anon’s $1.7 million rug pull was the subject of his investigation, and he revealed all the specifics regarding how the project was terminated.

What exactly is Project Shura?

Project Shura

Japan’s artist Akihiro assembled Project Shura, a collection of 5,500 NFTs. Early in January, the project’s minting became live. Every 0.09 ETH was spent on 5,500 pfp NFTs. When the plan promised free items, a P2E game, social tokens, and more, it quickly drew people. Project Shura was even advertised on YouTube by JRNY!

Following the launch, the crew vanished for a whole month. They resurfaced in March, claiming to have taken a pause but still shutting down all Discord chat channels in response to the outrage. On March 18th, there were no fresh changes, and the floor remained at 0 ETH.

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The Investigation of Project Shura by @zachxbt’s

That’s when @zachxbt figured out something was amiss. In order to find out where the $1.75 million went, he scoured the internet. Most of the 495 ETH was divided between four different wallets and sent straight to CEXs, as reported by @zachxbt. The majority of the money, though, ended up in a public wallet.”

Zachxbt linked this wallet to @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a), who got 26% of Project Shura’s funding using a public wallet. In late January, @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a) flipped Azuki NFTs on his wallet using the money from the transaction.

A new project, SHOUNEN, was announced by @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a) and @zachxbt forewarned everyone about it. This serial con artist seems to have run into trouble. It is to be hoped that @zachxbt’s warning will prevent anybody else from falling victim to @RoySaito_ETH (0x6a).

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