NFT restaurant Bored & Hungry no longer accepts cryptos as Payment

The Los Angeles Times informed on Friday that recently opened NFT Restaurant Bored & Hungry no longer accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its food items.

When asked, one of the Bored & Hungry employees told the Los Angeles Times Not today — I don’t know. The person didn’t give any hint of when the decision was made to cut crypto from the menu of payment prospects, nor did they know if crypto payments would be making a return in the NFT Restaurant.

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Customer Insights on NFT Restaurant and Crypto Payment scheme

NFT Restaurant Bored & Hungry

Bored & Hungry NFT Restaurant initially ventured back in April of this year. At the time, one employee told the Los Angeles Times that the majority of its customers didn’t seem to care about crypto payment prospects, also noting that customers were commonly indifferent to the restaurant’s commitment to the crypto cause.

Another Bored & Hungry NFT restaurant consumer told the Los Angeles Times that – People want to hold onto their Ethereum. They’re not gonna want to use it. Customer Richard Rubalcaba stated – I don’t know how crypto purchases would work, with the crash

Many of the restaurant’s customers stated that they are not hardcore crypto fanatics, and simply frequent the establishment for the food. Customer Jessica Perez stated: We rate this up there with In-N-Out, maybe actually better.

Changes to the venue’s payment policies appear to fall in line with the overarching crypto and macro economical breakdown happening across the globe. But never fear, hungry crypto users, you can still visit Chipotle, which began accepting crypto payments earlier in June through Flexa. Many countries are facing strict regulations and scrutiny and there are issues of contagion in the crypto market. 

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