Unique NFT Project TRIBE X: Why they Chose to Empower Women Diversity?

TRIBE X is an ambitious, community-driven NFT project that aims to impact lives by providing the masses with real-life applications of cryptocurrency. This NFT project is currently revolutionizing the NFT world.

By using NFTs i.e. non-fungible tokens, the TRIBE X team is looking to help the minority communities find opportunities to have a passive income by earning money in both the metaverse and in the real world.

TRIBE X’s main focus is on educating, connecting, and inspiring these communities, as well as those who may have been left behind in the Dot-Com boom and the restructuring of Web2.0 using its informative and engaging NFT platform

TRIBE X playfully teases a post-apocalyptic future. Here, female avatars from different tribes across the globe unite as NFTs to conquer the metaverse. The NFT project exclusively features 3D avatars of tribal, ancestral, and BIPOC women.

Additionally, the unification of these powerful women is celebrating women’s diversity while creating a fascinating, valuable NFT ecosystem. From fully rigged metaverse-ready 3D avatars, TRIBE X provides insights into this impressive soon-to-be-launched project.

What is the TRIBE X Empire?

Credit: TRIBE X

TRIBE X is a collection of 11,111 3D avatar-style NFTs. These NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Although the collection seems to be following in the blue-chip project Bored Ape Yacht Club’s footsteps, it stands apart for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the NFT’s creators purposely started their collection with a collection showcasing BIPOC women. Secondly, in the project’s own phrase (motto), we “exist to impact lives, and the imagery of TRIBE X is a beacon of hope for diversity and inclusion in the metaverse.”

Tribe X Team

TRIBE X founders are extensively doxed on their website. Both creators and insiders have an amazing winning track record. This NFT project is developed by a group of trailblazing minorities that have collectively decided to enter the metaverse by providing access and giving back.

TRIBE X’s creators started their project without any hype. This means it was an intentional decision. In an effort to distance themselves from other similar initiatives in the NFT space, the TRIBE X team decided to take a unique strategy by making women a focal point of the overall project. The creators’ slogan is “Together We Thrive.”

Obviously, there’s more to this project than its storyline. TRIBE X NFT project has a detailed planned-out roadmap and a solid whitepaper. The TRIBE X Ecosystem has four components.

The first is the TRIBE X Empire NFT, which serves as a membership card to an exclusive community; the second is a DAO along with a utility token; moving on to the third, is the $TRIBEXFIRE utility token, and finally the TRIBE X Agency.

Further, TRIBE X aims to leverage e-commerce by fusing real-world business sectors in the metaverse, for long-term utility.

“TRIBE X is for anyone who is looking to learn, connect and invest time in the metaverse but doesn’t know where to start,” says Dimitri Linton, $TRIBEXFIRE Starter. 

The TRIBE X Ecosystem

Apparently, these evolved ape NFTs will open the door to the upcoming TRIBE X Ecosystem. The NFT holders can become an important part of the TRIBE X DAO. Interestingly, the team will also develop an exclusive utility token called $TRIBEXFIRE for a strong and valuable community.

Hence, to grow such a virtual community, project admins will also launch a limited collection of male avatar NFTs for tribe expansion.

TRIBE X NFT holders will receive plenty of additional benefits, such as:

  • Fractional ownership of blue-chip NFTs
  • co-ownership of the upcoming TRIBE X Agency
  • co-ownership of valuable land in the Metaverse

The project roadmap also includes plans for augmented reality, merchandise, and real-world events.

In short, the TRIBE X NFT collection seems to be a clever combination between high-quality artwork and utility in the metaverse.

Of course, this outstanding project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the experienced team behind it.  

Meet the Team

The team behind this amazing project is just as powerful as its NFT characters. Created by former affiliate marketers, advertisers, minorities, and top digital artists, this team’s creative vision is like a breath of fresh air in the NFT space.

“We knew the message we wanted to put out and we wanted to enter the metaverse on our own terms,” Linton.  

If the metaverse is truly a gold rush, TRIBE X aims to provide the shovel, but it will not tell users where to dig. The TRIBE X team is more focused on providing the resources needed for success and teaching users how to “dig” in the metaverse.

TRIBE X is doing things right. Other reputable NFT project creators who have had their assets sell out within minutes have stated how impressed they were after spending time in TRIBE X’s Discord.

Why does Tribe X Matter?

TRIBE X is an NFT project that aims to bridge the technology gap for different minorities. The core team includes web2 digital entrepreneurs, New England Patriot captain and 3x Super Bowl champion, Devin McCourty, his twin brother Jason McCourty, NFL Pro-bowler and current Stern MBA student Jeremy Zuttah, Fresh Heritage (recently acquired) Founder Gamal Codner, Anthony Araujo, Dimitri Linton, Remone, Julian, Dr. Peace Uche, Lauren Turton, Luke Vice, the co-founder of Aware Ads and Oasis Ads Media, among others.

WHO Tribe X ARE: They are a team of minorities who have “made it” and want to provide access by opening doors for everyone in hopes of helping the community (tribe) into a safe transition to the metaverse. 

WHY DOES IT MATTER: The hashtag #NGMI (Not Going to Make It) and the notion of not getting left behind with a Web 3.0 push speaks directly on behalf of the minority communities who were left behind in the Dot-Com boom, bust, and restructuring phase.

To conclude, TRIBE X has a great potential of becoming a green-chip NFT project.

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