NFT Community Receives Warning on Meta Mansions NFT Project

On-chain critic OKHotShot warns the NFT community against the Meta Mansions NFT project. Via a Twitter post, he illustrated why any NFT collector should be cautious of Meta Mansions NFT.

What is Wrong With Meta Mansions NFT?

Meta Mansions

Meta Mansions NFT shows its collection as 8,888 luxury residences created on Ethereum. NFT holders can live in, customize, share, and actually monetize their mansion.

Regardless, the NFT analyst and the blockchain security expert is not convinced with the NFT project. He stated that Meta Mansions lied about its collaboration with The Agency RE, i.e. a global real estate brokerage and lifestyle company established by Mauricio Mansky.

When OKHotShot inquired The Agency RE about the rightfulness of the partnership, the agency refused it. It articulated, that Neither Mauricio nor The Agency has any collaboration with Meta Mansions or any other NFT projects. In addition, they mentioned that they cannot remark on the legitimacy of the NFT project and, they do not have any ties with them.

Further, OKHotShot conveyed that Meta Mansions employed a Safemoon developer which people say is a sham. Again, he said they wash traded their own NFTs during their mint. Finally the analyst added, that one of their founders was part of an ICO team that allegedly cheated 20,000 people.

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Risks in NFT Domain

The NFT Domain is full of possibilities, growth, and complex experiences. Yet, just like any other industry, there are also risks and dangers that NFT collectors and fanatics should think of. For example, there are multiple NFT scams and it’s most suitable to assess an NFT project first before supporting it. At the same time, figure out the best practices to keep your crypto and NFT safe.

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