NFT Collection y00ts is out on Solana Blockchain after resolving last-moment bugs

The much anticipated NFT collection y00ts by Dust Labs has gone live after an initial blocker bug hold.

The team behind the DeGods NFTs projected the collection on the Solana blockchain after the slight blocker defect. In general, this is known to break the software or create security-related crucial errors disabling the primary features of the program.

y00ts creators raise $7Million

y00ts Collection

Despite the hiccup, Dust Labs has affirmed that it has raised $7 million in a strategic round to produce the $DUST ecosystem. As per various reports, the investment was split 50/50 between the company’s stock & its DUST coin.

The parties in the funding include Foundation Capital, Metaplex, Solana Ventures, Jump, FTX Ventures, and Chapter One.

Users will need the DUST native token of the DeGods ecosystem in order to mint a y00ts NFT. According to DappRadar, the number of NFTs in the y00ts collection will be around 15,000.

Further, it seems that 375 DUST tokens will be required to produce a single y00ts NFT based on the founders’ tweets. At the time of writing, one DUST was trading at $2.15, with the protocol registering a $9,359,334 trading volume during a 24-hour span. The market price of 375 DUST is $832.50. 

The users that have been backed, through a scholarship, on the y00tslist Twitter handle will have to utilize the mandated DUST to mint the NFT. Interestingly, DUST can only be minted by either burning NFTs or staking a DeGod NFT.

At the time of writing the OpenSea data shows that 5,600 owners minted a whole volume of SOL 140,400 at a floor price of SOL 144. These NFTs will exchange on Solana’s secondary NFT marketplaces, such as Magic Eden, and on OpenSea after the limit has been subscribed.

Among Solana NFTs, DeGods appears to be trending at the top spot with a floor price of SOL 450.

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