Next Earth & Iomob Partnership-Book Your Tickets in VR

Next Earth & Iomob Teaming Up to help you book tickets in VR

Amazing! Now you visualize and book your holiday destination in VR, thanks to Next Earth and Iomob. The special partnership between Next Earth and Iomob opens up an enchanting new market.

Another player involved in the partnership is Vueling Airlines. It will play a pivotal role in developing tools and services to plan these incredible journeys. What’s even better, is that you will be able to book your flights and holiday in the metaverse through VR.

Book your holiday tickets in VR metaverse!


Next Earth and Iomob strive to solve absolute-world problems with their VR metaverse technology. Next Earth is a true land ownership platform in the metaverse, permitting users to sell, stake, and materialize NFT-based land tiles mapped to the Earth’s surface.

Iomob is an innovative blockchain company. It is developing a decentralized protocol for the planet’s first mobility marketplace network. Concurrently, and with the support of Vueling Airlines, they are utilizing VR and AR to provide the best travel experience for people. 

Users can follow carbon emissions and book “carbon positive” transportation through the Metaverse and Iomob’s amazing app.

Boyd Cohen, CEO of Iomob says that they are working alongside Next Earth to create the transportation infrastructure that facilitates a more exciting, purposeful, and immersive way to traverse the planet. Further, he added that Airlines are industriously strategizing about how to bring their presence into the Metaverse, so growing their relationship with Vueling Airlines to augment their Web3 bookings is a wonderful initiative for everyone.

Ultimately, this new holiday VR experience will seriously impact the travel industry. If victorious, it won’t be long before others also seek to enter the market. This is the world’s first such initiative and introduces a transport layer to the metaverse. It unlocks a whole new world to view without fleeing your home. In fact, this could modify how and why travelers engage in travel acquisitions. 

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