New Generative NFT Chairs are redefining the Furniture Industry

A unique use of NFTs is the transformation of digital chairs into physical objects that may be sat on. Thehighkey NFT series bridges the gap between traditional furniture design with web-based design.

The next generation of NFT chairs is here, and they want to change the furniture industry for the better. On the main NFT platform, the interior design company thehighkey debuts a series of 1,000 procedurally created metaverse-capable “CreaChairs”.

To top it all off, eight of the series’ most popular designs will be made into actual chairs and sent to their owners. The public mint is now operational, and you can get your hands on one of these stunning modern chairs for 0.15 ETH through a public sale.

How do generative NFT chairs work?

NFT Chair

On the subject of the future of furniture, the interior design firm that created these eye-catching NFT chairs has some major plans in the works. Thehighkey is setting itself as a point of convergence between furniture design in the real world and Web3.0 technology.

The designs of the NFT chairs are a good representation of both the past and the future. In an age of fast fashion, thehighkey defies conventional wisdom by creating timeless designs that can be created for a long time,” thehighkey states in its ethos.

In addition to its mind-blowing designs, each CreaChair is encoded in the Graphics Language Transmission Format (GLTF) for easy transmission (.GLB). This format opens up a whole new world of possibilities for nonlinear functional transforms. Thus, video games, virtual reality, metaverse sectors, and 3D software and printing will be the most common places where they’ll be used.

Every time 200 NFT tickets sell, a new public auction is launched. Therefore, we’ve devised a whole new technique for creating furniture that minimizes the need for unnecessary manufacturing. One of these trendy NFTs is now available for purchase on, so you can get your hands on one right away.

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