Netflix’s The Gray Man is on Decentraland Metaverse

The Gray Man’s first week on Netflix was the best because it had many stars featuring in the movie. The movie was at the top for almost a week. Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas were in it, and it was directed by the Russo Brothers.

The movie is Netflix’s most expensive project so far, and there are plans for spin-offs and sequels. The streaming service came up with creative new ways to glorify the spy action movie with A-list stars. This time, The Gray Man is in for a mission in Decentraland.

The Gray Man’s Mission in the Metaverse

The Gray Man

The mission goal stated – Enter the maze, find the fastest route to the fountain, retrieve the USB with classified information and reach the secret room as soon as possible. You had to get your Decentraland avatar through a well-known hedge labyrinth fast enough to get on a scoreboard.

Agents who work hard and move fast will be able to win unique gifts. Just finishing the quest will give you access to NFT clothes for your Decentraland avatar. With these NFTs, Netflix is getting its first experience of web3 digital assets. Fans of the movie could purchase costumes worn by both Gosling and Evans in the movie.

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Netflix in the metaverse

As already mentioned, this is Netflix’s first big step into blockchain technology. The streaming giant has a lot of pop culture intellectual property rights that could assist them while entering into web3. The company is known to come up with new ideas. After all, it began as an online business for renting DVDs.

The move to streaming content placed them on top of the home media world. This incursion into the metaverse and the first NFT drop could be a sign that blockchain technology will be used more in the future.

Netflix has recently put Mike Verdu in charge of its video game section. Verdu was the vice president of virtual reality content at the company Meta. He had worked in the video game business for more than twenty years.

All signs point toward the fact that the streaming service will soon add more metaverse features. At the very least, people should anticipate more gaming content, whether it’s on the blockchain or on consoles. So, what do you think about this metaverse initiative? Is it a good idea for Netflix to enter the metaverse? tweet us @NFTHi.

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