NBA Released 18,000 Dynamic NFTs for Playoffs

The National Basketball Association has launched an 18,000 NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain to overlap with the NBA 2022 Playoffs. It is titled “The Association.”

Assembling up the 18,000 NFTs are 75 from each player on all 16 playoff squads. The NFTs will change in appearance relying on how the player conducts in the playoffs. Points, rebounds, dunks, and forced turnovers are just four of the 15 categories that can make a change in the NFT’s impression.

NBA NFTs Minting


Minting is free and started on April 20th. In fact, minting is of these NFTs was blind and randomized, NFT holders didn’t know which player they have until the reveal on April 22nd. The Basketball association prearranged a number of the mint spots for NBA Top Shot holders. There is a limit to one NBA “Association” NFT per wallet.

Eventually, the NFTs will be available on other Ethereum NFT marketplaces. This will include OpenSea. There is hesitation as to how the dynamic nature of the NFTs could change their resale values. But the player’s performance in the playoffs will set up the worth that the player’s NFT.

While the dynamic nature of the NFTs might be a stunner, the NBA venturing an NFT collection is not. Rumors have churned of a side collection. Separate from Dapper Lab’s NBA Top Shot. This comes after the NBA trademarked the term “The Association” for Web3 earlier this month.

Because Dapper Labs holds exclusive rights to the highlights, for NFT use, people widely believed that the NFT collection would be static images irrelevant to specific video clips. 

Sports NFTs Have Evolved and Become More Popular During the NFT Boom

Sports NFTs have persisted to gain popularity throughout 2021 and 2022. The peak years of the NFT boom. NBA Top Shot remains one of the most identified NFT platforms, and people credit those NBA sports collectibles for onboarding many of today’s NFT traders.

NBA Top Shot’s Dapper Labs and Sorare are amongst the top platforms to use the NFT boom. Each platform has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in source funding at multi-billion dollar valuations. In fact, both companies have created products that may be the next extension of trading cards, which sports fanatics have collected for decades.

Dapper Labs has taken its formula with the NBA and applied it to other sports as well. It has created UFC Strike and NFL All Day. Sorare has set a goal to include as many major soccer leagues as possible.

Individual clubs and teams are diving into NFTs as well. Manchester City a Premier League team, has floated the idea of making a metaverse stadium for their fans. Spanis Giants FC Barcelona has also expressed interest in releasing NFT collections.

With curiosity about NFTs continuing to grow, sports NFTs there are no signs that the industry or the niche will slow down any time soon.

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