NASA’s Ex Space Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Space-Themed NFT Collection Raises Whopping $500,000 to Aid Ukraine

Scott Kelly is without a doubt one of the most prominent American citizens of all time. The former military fighter pilot and test pilot, engineer, former NASA space astronaut, and retired US Navy captain commanded the International Space Station (ISS) on three different expeditions. This also includes his participation in the yearlong mission to the ISS.

In October 2015, Kelly set the National record of spending 340 days in space. After retiring, the former NASA Record-breaking astronaut has been active in significant missions. One of the recent tasks Scott Kelly has had involvement in is the fundraising NFT art collection named Dreams Out of This World. 

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The NFT collection of 3,333 space-themed non-fungible tokens was launched on April 12th to celebrate the International Day of Human Space Flight, and was sold out within a few hours here is the tweet announcement by the man himself:

NFTs are part of the unexplored metaverse spaces, Kelly hoped that Dreams Out of This World to draw more people from aside to the new world. And he managed to do it!

Record-Breaking Astronaut NFT Art by OrangeComet

Here is what the former NASA astronaut thinks,

“I think the metaverse and crypto[currency] and blockchain will be a big part of our future. So it seemed like the right time for me to get involved” 

Further, he added that “I found inspiration in a book, which is Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff “So I really, really believe in this idea that inspiration, is done in the right way for the right person at the right time, can have extraordinary results.”

NASA Astronaut Collaboration with Orange Comet

To make the Dreams Out of This World come true, the NASA astronaut collaborated with the innovative content creation studio Orange Comet. The NFT collection consists of postcard-like NFTs showing Kelly in space. It also comes with a variety of Earth images in the background. In addition to high-profile 1:1 NFTs, the winning bidders were rewarded with physical artifacts i.e. personal items worn by Scott Kelly while he was in space. 

Because the NFT auction was primarily planned to support Ukraine and, raise funds for The Global Empowerment Mission in support of Ukraine fighting a war against Russia, those charitable efforts were rewarded with half a million USD with 100% of the net proceeds to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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