Mysterious NFT artist PAK’s Identity revealed

The most mysterious NFT artist of our time, PAK has disclosed their real identity. Federico Clapis a digital artist on his Twitter claimed himself to be PAK.

Following this tweet news reports began to surface and one of them was tweeted by Pak.

NFT collectors can’t get enough of their creative NFT creations, recent projects LostPoets and the Merge project have raised over 200 million dollars.

Holding money aside, what these two projects achieved was the community they were able to assemble. LostPoets had sold a sum of 65536 NFTs in one day, while merge has been the most influential NFT project as it dealt over 250,00 mass or say m tokens.

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Who Is NFT Artist PAK? Is It Federico Clapis?

Italian Artist Federico Clapis

PAK is an NFT artist, cryptocurrency creator, and programmer. The Identity of PAK had consistently remained anonymous.

But with the latest turn of events, Federico Clapis may well be PAK, as he himself has been known to utilize multiple identities for different projects. Yet, unlike PAK he has been open and straightforward with his identity. He is famous in Italy for utilizing various identities as a part of his performances. 

Clapis became an active NFT artist just after PAK. He is also known to reward his NFT collectors who have supported him similarly to PAK and has a strategic approach to the crypto market.

Although this is not the first time someone has claimed to be Pak after his project Carbon in partnership with multiple artists and celebrities, pop star Paris Hilton also contended herself to be Pak.  

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