My Neighbor Alice Game Alpha Season 1 Release Date Announced 

My Neighbor Alice has officially announced the premiere date for Alpha Season 1: 30 June. For good cause, players have been anxiously awaiting the news. The launch is accompanied by new artworks and a new town filled with thrilling activities. 

Beginning on June 30th, My Neighbor Alice landowners may finally experience the long-awaited Alpha Season 1. Consequently, gamers will be able to explore the new settlement of Lummelunda and meet Alice. 

Surprisingly, the new community will provide a substantial increase in land resources. In addition, gamers will enjoy new pastimes, such as fishing, while exploring the environment. 

The CEO of My Neighbor Alice, Lenny Pettersson, said, “We are ecstatic to announce the opening of our Alpha Season, which will allow landowners to finally play the game.” “With the ‘Alpha Seasons’ approach, we want to get off to a quick start. These are really significant releases for us, and we look forward to receiving feedback from our valued community, who will be able to experience and test out new game content for each season.” 

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How is the My Neighbor Alice game played? 

My Neighbor Alice Game

My Neighbor Alice is essentially one of the most popular blockchain-based multiplayer games to date. Each user has the ability to purchase virtual islands, begin farming, gather in-game stuff, and interact with other players. 

Players use the ALICE token in order to exchange in-game things. This money may be used for staking, buyback, and the purchase and use of DeFi items. 

As this game is driven by NFT, each participant is portrayed by an NFT avatar. Obviously, gamers may personalize their digital avatars with a variety of elements. Now that Alpha Season 1 will be released on June 30, My Neighbor, Alice will broaden its horizons for the enjoyment of its users! 

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