Moonbirds NFT Collection blue chip will fully switch to “in chain”

PROOF, the private community behind the Moonbirds NFT collection, has revealed that it is shifting its blue-chip collection completely “in chain”. This will allow images to be fully managed within the underlying smart contract. 

Moonbirds NFT

Moonbirds officials discussing the New Approach

On Aug. 30, in a community live stream named Future PROOF, Harri Thomas, director of products at PROOF presented that the new approach will mean that in the future, the viewable image of a Moonbird NFT will be constructed from the contract itself from art layers, which are going to be stored on the blockchain.

He mentions that they have talked about putting the birds ‘on chain’, so what he was there to convey was that they were not only going to be ON chain but also be put IN chain.

Thomas clarified that their Ethereum-based NFTs will be distinct from most other NFTs which are simply tokens that point to where the images are stored off-chain.

Further, he explains that this is an unusual approach and definitely not unique. Refers to his as another example of an NFT project utilizing the same approach is OnChainMonkey, a 10K PFP NFT collection ventured in 2021.

However, Thomas did not provide a date for when the NFT collection will make this shift, but remarked that it is a primary focus for the smart contract team, so “hopefully not too long.”

Co-founder and chief product officer Justin Mezzell, who was one of the hosts of the live stream mentioned that it’s cool to enter that lofty space of a fully in-chain project and making sure that this project is actually fully decentralized and viewable for just generations.

The live stream also disclosed the first official expansion of PROOF’s Moonbirds collection, known as Moonbird Mythics. This expansion is anticipated to launch in early 2023.

The collection will include around 20,000 NFTs and is the organization’s 3rd NFT profile picture (PFP) project.

PROOF has just grown to $50 million in a Series A funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), along with participation from Seven Seven Six, True Ventures, Collab+Currency, Flamingo DAO, VaynerFund, and SV Angel.

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Kevin Rose founder of PROOF expressed that it is great to have this vote of confidence from some of the most esteemed investors in Web3, as well as capital to keep offering great products and services as they mature this business over the long term.

Back in April, the Ethereum-based Moonbirds NFT project totally sold out its collection of 10,000 computer-generated pixel owl avatars within 48 hours of its launch. As a result, the NFT collection managed to net $281 million in NFT sales. In fact, its success despite the bear market earned it a title as a “blue-chip” NFT.

As of writing, Moonbirds is ranked at number seven in terms of total volume traded at approximately 168,924 ETH and is presently ranked number one in the 24-hour charts at a floor price of 13.50 ETH.

Other reports made during the Future PROOF live stream contained an upcoming launch of a PROOF social platform. This new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will oversee licensing of the Moonbirds name and a new PROOF token that will have “real utility” with more details to be revealed in 2023.

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