Moonbirds makes their NFTs public domain

In a major change for the popular Moonbirds NFT project, Kevin Rose, founder of Moonbirds, announced on Twitter that both Moonbirds and Oddities will proceed to a CC0 license.


CC0, known as Creative Commons, merely means “no rights reserved” on intellectual property. It’s a form of copyright that authorizes creators to waive legal interest in their work and move it, as far as feasible, into the public domain. This indicates that anyone can now utilize Moonbirds NFT art freely without any copyright restrictions.

This landmark announcement comes just days after prominent crypto artist XCOPY declared that they were going to retroactively apply CC0 for all of their current art.

Moonbirds and XCOPY are not isolated in this regard, other NFT creators like Deca have newly executed thriving CC0 project launches, with artists like Grant Yun also looking to follow suit soon in the CC0 shift.

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Goblintown, one of the major projects to hit the NFT scene in recent months, also launched as CC0 as well. Thanks to this, OpenSea’s charts were conquered by irreverent Goblin-themed collections for a time. Considerable figures within the space like Zeneca_33 are referring to this growing campaign as the “CC0 summer”: the emergence of a new prevalent CC0-centric meta within the NFT Space.

Rose also disclosed the upcoming formation of the Moonbirds DAO, which will mainly oversee the general licensing of the Moonbirds and Oddities trademarks and contain NFT scams, hate speech, and violence within the community. NFT Community members can expect to see changes to the project’s terms of service and website in the coming days.

The response from the Twitter NFT Community has been mixed. Some holders experience that there is no way they can market their Moonbird for an income thanks to the lesser worth because now any individual has commercial rights. On the contrary, non-holders are fired up by the actions.

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