Moonbirds Buzz: PROOF’s First Official NFT Launched

The highly anticipated NFT project from the PROOF Collective hit the virtual shelves on the 16th of April. The NFT title is known as “Moonbirds”, each NFT grants the holder access to exclusive benefits and upcoming drops inside the PROOF ecosystem. Being PROOF’s first NFT collection, the team is dedicated to providing massive value for their NFT community in the real world and inside the metaverse as well.

Moonbirds Buzz: More than just an avatar

NFT collection Credit: Moonbirds

This NFT is more than just an avatar! It is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that features a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. Each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them.

Public Minting Details

Creator: Proof Collective

Supply: 10,000

Mint Price: 2.5 ETH Dutch Auction

Total Minted: 1974 (At the time of writing)

Trading Volume (OpenSea): Over 67.2K volume traded

All the public mints were sold out yesterday itself and here is the thank you tweet from Moonbirds,

Benefits of MoonBirds

As mentioned earlier, each NFT provides value far beyond its weird feathered companion, granting holders access to rewards exclusive to the MoonBird community. Further, each MoonBird acts as the holder’s key to enter the PROOF collective’s private discord channel. Here the NFT holders will gain the benefits of further upcoming rewards inside the PROOF community. Also, the Moonbird holders will receive first access to PROOF’s upcoming metaverse “Project Highrise” in the near future.


The “Nesting” feature allows holders to acquire additional perks for their nesting periods and the incremental time the asset has nested. Staked Moonbirds level up over time achieving new tiers and nest upgrades, this enables access to enhanced rewards to holders, all while staying inside the owner’s wallet itself. The longer you nest, the more you gain, and the more you benefit inside the ecosystem.

Be aware of the restrictions on nested assets. Nested Moonbirds cannot be transferred using usual functions, this means that technically you can list your piece, but any attempt to purchase the asset via OpenSea or LooksRare would fail.

In addition, PROOF collective members holding their MoonBird & Collective Pass in the same wallet will enable a unique background for their Moonbird NFT. Although, if you sell your MoonBird, it will revert back to its original background. Even if the discord remains exclusive to holders, the details and future plans remain available to the public via different social outlets.

PROOF Collective

The beginning has a limited community of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists; the PROOF collective’s exclusive access has fascinated many stuck on the outside. The community also offers access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for PROOF Collective members. Additionally, the team acquires 5% of the royalties to use for further development.

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