MLB All-star pitcher Nestor Cortes will release NFTs

MLB All-Star and NY Yankee Pitcher Nestor Cortes, also popular as “Nasty”, announced today that he will be releasing his exclusive NFT collection on the ReserveBlock Foundations RBX Network protocol with a share of his personal proceeds to help Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital on Sunday evening July 17th.

Nestor Cortes

RBX is the first open-source decentralized NFT Centric Blockchain that facilitates true peer-to-peer operability for the minting and trading of NFTs with or without the requirement for a centralized authority. 

With an ecosystem that equips a full suite of on-chain tools, RBX lessens common frictions and obligations by providing an environment for anyone and everyone to experience transparent trustless elements all through a core wallet or web wallet by either validating on the network or writing a smart contract without the need-to-know code. on Sunday, July 17th, RBX will be moving from a thriving public test net to mainnet beta launch.

Nestor Cortes mentions that in honor of his selection for his first MLB All-Star Game, he wanted to produce a series of unique NFTs that allowed him to help and convey his story by connecting directly with fans. He also expresses that he has been very interested in NFTs for the past couple of years but was looking for a feasible network that would allow his fans to easily interact with him directly.

Nestor Cortes x RBX

Nestor Cortes discovered RBX through a friend and started to test it all by myself. After the testing, he knew he found exactly what he needed to do to create his personal NFT collection.

Cortes has also said that he is releasing six very impressive One of One digital collectible cards that each come with an autographed game-worn item, original photography, and some with special home-game experiences solely in each NFT.

Each NFT collectible has Nestor Cortes’s personal designs and was developed in collaboration with Mike Fogg a digital artist of Astro Kongs, Cyber Souls, Space Hoops, and Astro League collections, as well as in cooperation with digital creator and friend Juan Garcia.

Upon layoff on Sunday evening July 17th, Nestor Cortes’s fans will simply have to visit a direct link provided by Nestor to his personal wallet auction. Fans who wish to partake in bidding or the “buy now” mechanism can simply use a credit card.

Cortes also mentions that each of his NFTs is his own personal design as well as his own game-worn items signed by himself, and will be for everyone and even enjoy a game experience at the stadium for some of the people who hold them.

The pitcher is looking forward to donating to two unique places Sloan and Miami Children’s. Both hit home on a personal level for the player and the fact that he is able to help contribute to these important places is even more satisfying for him on a personal level.

Nestor also communicated that additional segments and previews regarding his personal auction will be coming through his social media channels in the forthcoming days leading up to the launch on the 17th of July.

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