Mintbase To Create NFT infrastructure Raises $7.5 Million in Series A Funding And a $5 Million Grant Pool 

Mintbase completed a $7.5 million fundraising round for their network that lets anybody start an NFT shop. Coinbase, Woodstock Fund, Libertus Capital, and Animoca Brands were among the round’s notable investors. NFT initiatives and Mintbase’s services will get benefit from the money. 

Among the investors in a $1 million seed round in late 2020 were Sino Global, D1 Ventures, Block Oracle Capital, and Arweave. 



As part of the non-profit NEAR Foundation, responsible for contracting protocol technicians and financing ecosystem growth on the NEAR protocol, it will receive up to $5 million to support its new pass-through incentive programs. It’s a long-term investment. Using the Mintbase developer infrastructure, Mintbase Grants is searching for talented teams to create the next generation of web 3.0 music, booking, and gaming businesses. With a redesigned and improved user interface, it will be easy for anybody who wants to build on using their tools. 

For the benefit of niche NFT markets, the Lisbon-based NFT protocol is expanding its infrastructure and technologies. Anybody can create NFTs on their platform without caring about technological issues. Artists may use NFTs to sell digital art, musicians to sell music, and event organizers to sell tickets to their upcoming events and other businesses. 

“There is a shift away from huge, single NFT markets to more community-owned marketplaces like Mintbase,” the company states. Sharded WASM chains will be increasingly popular in the future because they employ more desirable computer languages like Rust and AssemblyScript. Nate Geier, the brains of Mintbase, said, “That’s why we chose NEAR.” 

Mintbase was founded using the NEAR protocol in 2021 after NFT minting on Ethereum was too costly. Creators may now enjoy significant NFTs due to less price tokenization of NFTs on a climate-neutral blockchain. 

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