Minecraft Will Not Support In-game NFTs

Irrespective of video game world’s largest video game companies like Activision or Tencent paving their way into the world of NFTs, the developers of the blockbuster game Minecraft want such tokens as far away as possible.

On July 20, Mojang Studios, the team of Minecraft, communicated that it will not support or allow the usage of non-fungible tokens i.e. NFTs in the game.

Mojang Studios pointed out that the use of NFTs in the game could create a distinction between gamers and undermine others. This is a prospect as the NFT usage model can create scarcity and exclusion within the gamers community. This strategy is a risk they are unwilling to take, as they express in an update to their community guidelines.

NFTs & Crypto do not fit in Minecraft Ecosystem


As per the company’s statement, the utilization of blockchain technology and NFTs do not fit Minecraft’s values of innovative inclusion and co-play, as they allow participants to earn rewards through other actions outside of the game.

Further, Mojang Studios argues that the use of in-game NFTs will shift the focus from the fun that the game offers, as users would be more hooked with the speculative price of their NFTs rather than appreciating themselves as they have been doing for the 12 years that the game has been around.

They also mentioned that they are against NFT undertaking due to the problems of hacking and scams by the companies that manage these assets, which initiates the danger of those tokens being vulnerable to “disappear without notice.” This has happened with many crypto games that operate on blockchain technology and NFTs to lure users through play-to-earn games.

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Minecraft may use the concept of NFTs in future

Even though Minecraft developers are presently against integrating blockchain technology into the game, they stated that they will study its evolution over time to see if a future implementation turns out to be impressive or beneficial. Regardless, they have no intention of doing so in the short term.

Mojang Studios’ unpredictable decision is already wreaking mayhem on other projects built around the Minecraft ecosystem. NFTWorld is one of them: Until today, the project didn’t have any issues with the developers and preserved good communication with them.

A few hours after Minecraft’s announcement, NFTWorld’s native token plunged more than 58%, causing tension among players who now do not know what the future will hold for them in that game.

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