Microsoft Surprises Its Metaverse with Xbox and Teams Releases


A few months after Facebook rebranded to Meta, Microsoft came up with the concept of the “metaverse” to build virtual locations for businesses and consumers. Microsoft Teams is getting a virtual experience stage dubbed Mesh.

It is part of a more significant attempt to include animated avatars in meetings or video interactions in which everyone may participate. Facebook changed its name to Meta because Microsoft views the multiverse as the internet’s next incarnation.

According to some, Microsoft’s Mesh in Teams will enable users to communicate through a virtual presence on any device since digital twins of people now exist in a new metaverse.

Playing today’s games on Xbox is already a mind-boggling experience because of all the unique features and technology it provides. After some comparisons, some think the Xbox Series X will be a better system than the Sony PlayStation 5 in 2020.

Microsoft’s Xbox One virtual reality choices are limited compared to Sony’s PlayStation VR, but that’s about to change. ArcGIS plans to leverage AR and metaverse instead of VR to create an engaging experience for users.

After Microsoft’s plans to investigate the Teams metaverse concept, which would change work and productivity, this is the next step in the company’s journey. The X Series and other Xbox products are also acquiring this functionality from Microsoft, centered on the Xbox Gaming branch.

The Microsoft team has a front-row seat for the event

In Teams, Microsoft states that the front row is a feature that allows conference participants to see remote colleagues in a more realistic face-to-face interaction akin to that of the same individual space.

Additional new features include a smart camera on the Surface Hub 2, an extension of Teams Connect’s shared channels, and the inclusion of a PowerPoint camera with “cameo” and “recording studio.”

Operator Connect Mobile, a new product from Microsoft, is also available. This solution enables enterprise-grade connection, resilience, network quality, and a collaborative support strategy by connecting your users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams. It’s yet another variable that may be taken into account.

As a preview, Outlook’s Loop components are now accessible, and new Outlook RSVPs, team speaker coach and PowerPoint capabilities are approaching their development completion.

Artificial Intelligence

An animated avatar of you will appear when you talk, thanks to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI). When the user selects the raise hand option, the avatar will also be able to raise its hands.

When it comes to creating an enterprise-based “metaverse,” Microsoft needs Mesh connectivity, particularly for things that are more “immersive.” The company imagines virtual spaces where people can communicate, play games, or work together on various projects using Microsoft tools as part of their vision for Teams.

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