Metaverse event in Dubai: Brazilian Footballer Dani Alves Launched NFTs

Footballer Dani Alves, well-known for his fantastic career at FC Barcelona, launched 43 luxury timepieces and their NFTs, which celebrate every major trophy he won in an outstanding career spanning 22 years. The launch was on June 28th held at MetaTerrace, a happening metaverse-based nightlife lounge in Dubai. 

ColossalBit hosted the event and is a Dubai-based consulting, advisory, design, & development company for cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. ColossalBit also teamed up with well-known watchmaker Backes & Strauss in creating the NFTs of the latter’s timepieces. The 43 physical luxury watches were revealed alongside fractionalized, premium, and regular NFT variants of the same.

Christian Chalfoun, Co-founder & CTO, ColossalBit and MetaTerrace, who was also a speaker at NFT NYC 2022 event said that the metaverse revolution has found a true champion in Dani Alves. He brings with him the same energy, charisma, and persona that he brought on the football pitch. The overwhelming response to this NFT drop testifies to the assurance that blockchain and associated applications hold. In addition, he also mentioned that they are glad to be at the forefront of NFT, metaverse, crypto, and Web3 technologies and their development in the Middle East and beyond.

Ciro Arianna, Dani Alves, Christian Chalfoun, Mohammad Shahid

Some of the notable personalities in the event included Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss; Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan who attended after travelling all the way from Abu Dhabi and Burak Özdemir, better popular as CZN Burak, a famous Turkish chef and restaurateur. Furthermore, in collaboration with Ex Sports, Séan Garnier, the French freestyle footballer, performed live with Dani Alves at MetaTerrace, showcasing attendees some smooth and jazzy footballing skills. Attendees also had the lifetime opportunity of interacting and taking pictures and autographs with different stars.

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Metaverse initiatives in Middle-east are increasing

The NFT and metaverse-associated initiatives are on the rise in Dubai, with ColossalBit leading the charge and working with government commodities in growing and expanding the space. ColossalBit’s MetaTerrace has been at the heart of the action, with many upscale events held in the real world and the metaverse.

Metaverse, NFTs, and crypto-related initiatives in the middle east:

At the event, Dani Alves also revealed a first-of-its-kind NFT VR Room built for a football player by ColossalBit. Alves explored and wandered inside his NFT VR room live, which will now be open for all his fans and NFT holders to experience from anywhere in the world. This marked the start of ColossalBit’s long-term idea of bringing the NFT and metaverse domain closer to the community and exploring its full potential.

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