MetaTag has introduced NFT usernames just for gamers 

In the future, MetaTag will be used for web3 game identification. The metaTag is your digital username/Gamertag on the blockchain, designed by blockchain specialists with a passion for gaming. Saad Naja, a seasoned bitcoin professional who worked for Goldman Sachs and Kraken, launched MetaTag to give gamers control over their digital identity and brand. 

MetaTag Announcement

A couple of days back, MetaTag, the portal for NFT registration, announced that it would provide players across the total globe control over their digital identity in the Metaverse and NFT games, online sites, and exchanges. For the first time, gamers will be able to register a username or Gamertag on the blockchain to use in the game. 

An NFT on the blockchain-based on a user’s Gamertag/username enables MetaTag’s technology to validate who they claim to be and merge their varied personalities into one unified identity through their Gamertag/username, thanks to a world-class team from Goldman Sachs, Riot, and Kraken. 

This verified identity may be used in the Metaverse and other gaming platforms. Gaming identity theft is reduced by allowing players to construct a fully theirs gaming profile and cannot be stolen or counterfeited. As a result, it gives a single identity that may be used throughout the Metaverse. 

Some of the world’s finest gaming companies, such as Atari Tokens, are collaborating with MetaTag to enable gamers to safeguard their lifelong identity and access unique in-game features, such as a lifetime of in-game achievements. If you have a MetaTag, you can get discounts and pre-sale bargains on a wide range of NFT P2E games and unique characters and abilities. 

Each user’s MetaTag is connected to their in-game data and accomplishments, enabling players to evaluate how they stack up against their peers in key areas. A linktree for gamers will be established here, including external data such as Twitch feeds and social handles. 

In addition, verifying a user’s identity is crucial for making payments on exchanges and DEXs. If a user has a registered username or gaming tag, the legitimacy of their ability to make or accept money will be promptly validated. Rather than copying and typing long hexadecimal addresses, users will now be able to send funds to a user’s registered Gaming tag or username. 

The CEO of Atari Token, Frédéric Chesnais, says, “Atari Chain is excited to collaborate with MetaTag for the premiere of our upcoming Metaverse and P2E game. Our connection with MetaTag enables gamers and users to carry their brands and identities into the digital sphere. 

“Your username/Gamertag is your brand for any pro or up-and-coming gamer,” stated MetaTag co-founder and CEO Saad Naja. With 3.1 billion gamers throughout the globe, we understand how significant and personal their username or Gamertag is in showing their online individuality and inventiveness,” he said. 

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