MetaMundo NFT Marketplace: Get Ready for 3D NFTs

MetaMundo NFT Marketplace is planning to bring 3D art and assets to some prominent metaverse environments. With the launch of its marketplace and NFT token architecture.

Users from prevalent metaverses like Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), Cryptovoxels (CVPA), and Spatial (SPAT) will be able to collect and own NFT assets like avatars, galleries, luxury villas, music venues, parks, vehicles and other creations directly from 3D artists, architects, and designers.


MetaMundo NFT architecture for Three-dimensional Functionality

MetaMundo has built an NFT architecture on the Ethereum blockchain that is particularly designed to power 3D files and Metaverse interoperability. The benefit of a flexible metadata system allows multiple 3D files to be integrated into a single NFT.

NFTs traded on MetaMundo will come with a bundle of 3D files consistent with Metaverse platforms while unique 3D files can also be added to a specific NFT. MetaMundo is able to alter and optimize 3D files to create multiple metaverse optimized assets.

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Users will also be able to preview and interact with the 3D files bundled within each NFT via the MetaMundo marketplace before completing a purchase. MetaMundo co-founder Finn Hansen stated that the platform looks to pioneer NFT functionality across different blockchain projects.

Finn mentions that they are solving the lack of NFT interoperability through a unique architecture, which features an adaptable and extensible NFT metadata structure, supporting multiple 3D file versions and delivering the flexibility to add additional file versions later to enable future-proofing as 3D technology evolves.

The company has onboarded a number of 3D creators who have done comprehensive work both in the Metaverse space and in real-life art. American modernist architect Luis Fernandez, Netherlands-based NFT artist Dutchtide, and Metaverse architect Mila Lolli headline the creators who teamed up with the marketplace.

MetaMundo’s initial 3D NFT drops will feature Dutchtide’s Brutalist-architecture-inspired Japanese Zen Art Gallery and an ocean-side luxury villa created by Fernandez.

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