MetaMask unfolds an update to prevent NFT Scams

The Ethereum digital wallet MetaMask publicized an update of its wallet 10.18.0 that addresses the hardship of increasing NFT scams with its latest interface that mandates setApprovalForAll permission.


Allowing permission for this function will designate smart contracts with the power to access or transfer out all NFTs and tokens from the preferred wallets.

While marking the MetaMask update, the security firm Wallet Guard noted on Twitter that the smart contract is requesting for broad permissions for any funds locked in the wallet. The new interface in MetaMask 10.18.0 can be utilized to counter “wallet drainer” exploits. 

Screenshots publicized to MetaMask’s GitHub software development repository direct a new prompt that utilizes a larger font than the rest of the interface. The example text reads,

“Give permission to access all of your BAYC?”, with an additional warning reading, “By granting permission, you are allowing the following account to access your funds.”

This update can also be integrated with other third-party browser extensions such as Wallet Guard Chrome extension.

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