MeetsMeta launches NFT Passports on OpenSea

NFT holders have the option of sponsoring a player of their choice via a new scholarship program created by MeetsMeta, which has minted passports in several categories from basic to exclusive. Passport NFT has a base price of 0.09 ETH for basic and 1.15 ETH for exclusive. OpenSea is where you can get your hands on it.


MeetsMeta has teamed up with Play to Earn Online to give scholarships, and one fortunate recipient will get a free NFT as part of the deal. Subscribing to Play to Earn Online’s YouTube channel and leaving a comment on a video is all it takes to get a free NFT.

Specifying that a remark in a contest submission is active until June 10, 2022, is a good idea. When a commentator wins, they will get a message from their sponsor immediately in the box.

MeetsMeta Scholarship is a private intranet via which NFT holders may earn a living by referring others to it. Those who have an account in the customs area may choose a student to support. With MeetaMetaBuff’s help, the job becomes a lot simpler.

Information about a player’s performance in the game would be provided through this feature. In Counter-Strike, for example, it would display a player’s kill rate. In order to increase their chances of receiving a college scholarship, players might explore strategies to raise their scores.

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MeetsMeta Scholarship, dubbed an “innovative” approach to scholarship, is supported entirely by analytics and cutting-edge technology. Those who missed out on the free NFT may keep a look out for the next public sale on June 21, 2022, which will be online for 48 hours and cost nothing. Metaverse is what it will be in the next years: a meeting of the minds.

A road under construction has brought NFTs and Metaverse together. Rather than wait for others to figure out what more could be possible, MeetsMeta has gone ahead and built a Metaverse atop the NFT worlds.

Exclusive access to video games, merchandise, digital products, and even real estate is provided by this ticket. Based on its virtual architecture and activities, one can simply relate it to Minecraft.

Rather than having to wait for a wild guide to develop, players may now freely explore and take full use of the games’ features.

Amusement parks and pleasant communities are part of the team’s efforts to keep gamers engaged in the real world. These include parkour, TNT run, and a CS-GO clone among others. There are a total of 12 games to choose from.

The company has purchased five NFT planets and plans to acquire the other 50 in the coming months. Every video game has a high probability of becoming successful. After the NFT $WRLD dropped in value, the team wants to make it a positive experience for everyone.

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