Mastercard Announces Collabs with Prominent NFT Websites


Mastercard designated collaborations with seven of the world’s most prominent NFT and metaverse platforms on June 9th. The payment processing behemoth anticipates that these new interfaces will give clients a straightforward and secure means to begin collecting digital assets.

Mastercard disclosed seven Web3 firms in a news statement, including:

Customers visiting any of these sites may now purchase with a Mastercard credit or debit card. Raj Dhamodharan, Mastercard’s Executive VP of Blockchain Products, shared that customers would not have to stress about cryptocurrency conversions while operating this new service.

Mastercard also said it would strengthen its participation in the Coinbase NFT market. Earlier this year, Raj Dhamodharan also revealed Mastercard’s partnership with Coinbase.

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In a later section of his press release, Dhamodharan said that Mastercard researchers discovered that an increasing number of NFT purchasers want more “flexibility.” According to statistics from a Mastercard poll, about fifty percent of respondents in forty countries want additional payment choices for crypto assets.

Mastercard, which has about 2,9 billion cards, claims its new features would boost this “flexibility” in the cryptocurrency industry. Besides, the corporation said these modifications would have a “significant effect” on the worldwide NFT industry.

Web3 Card Competition Heats Up

Recently Mastercard has abode various steps to prove itself as the market leader in Web3 payment processing. For example, Mastercard submitted 15 trademark applications for NFTs and the metaverse. Mastercard has also made concrete investments in several firms relating to the metaverse.

In FebruaryMastercard also stated that its Data & Services division provides crypto consultancy services. This new division seems to assist customers in developing concrete agendas to capitalize on blockchain developments such as NFTs.

Mastercard is also uniting with different crypto firms to provide crypto rewards cards. Gemini, a New York-based exchange, just announced its Mastercard credit card, while Nexo, a crypto lending platform, has a Mastercard debit card.

Mastercard has busily expanded its Web3 capabilities, but this does not imply that it has no competitors. In recent years, Visa has without a doubt become even more welcoming of cryptocurrencies.

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