LG taps into Metaverse, files NFT trademarks

Given the power of the metaverse and NFTs to offer new and interactive ways for companies to connect with consumers, more companies continue to light up the emerging domains with the intent to launch different products. 

Lately, Electronics giant LG has decided to focus on the metaverse by filing NFT trademarks for its LG ART LAB. The trademark application was shared on July 19 in a tweet by licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis. 

The NFT application filed indicates that L.G. plans to offer T.V. software for issuing and trading NFTs, software for NFT and crypto transactions, digital token brokerage, and wealth management. 

As per the trademark application submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), LG also plans to deliver e-wallet payment services and software for exchanging electronic money in the metaverse. 

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LG taps into NFTs and Metaverse


The trademark application comes after L.G. had originally released various products around the NFT space. In May, the company exhibited that it was working with new media artist Refik Anadol to portray NFT artwork on the company’s transparent OLED TVs. The company remarked that the NFT collection utilizes video, audio, and health data.

Apart from LG, Samsung, another South Korean electronic giant, also revealed different products under NFTs and metaverse-based initiatives. Samsung introduced an NFT platform for its T.V.s authorizing customers to purchase NFTs through their devices.

Other notable trademark applications include eBay, which aims to present NFT exchanges and NFT trading, virtual goods marketplaces, and online retail stores with physical and virtual goods. 

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