Lewis Capaldi to headline Defi-Funded Live Event in Reykjavik

Lewis Capaldi will perform at a DeFi-funded event in Reykjavik on August 23rd. XTIXS and GET Protocol are working together to support the show. DeFi-funded event for singer’s debut appearance.

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi’s program is backed by a custom blockchain application. Tokens such as DeFi and NFT are included in this.

Future ticket inventory is used as security for a loan thanks to the event. All tickets are non-transferable, thus scalping and other forms of ticket fraud are out of the question. A new income stream has been made as a result of this new technological innovation. As a result, both music fans and event planners may relax.

Real, experienced investors from all around the globe engaged in the event’s finance process, which took only 24 hours to complete. It establishes the first precedent for a very strong tool in an industry where autonomy and decentralisation are important development pillars.

“Creators are no longer reliant on a boardroom decision,” says GET Protocol CEO Maarten Bloemers. They may now actually put their money where their mouth is. This is a huge accomplishment for which I am quite grateful. We’re excited to finalise the Event Financing method and make it available to all GET Protocol Ticketing Partners.'”

The approach under this agreement might imply a game-changer for many content providers and viewers, says XTIXS CRO Antonio Valero. We are delighted to be working with GET Protocol on a new independent and equitable funding paradigm for live entertainment.

A Major Development in the E-Ticketing Market

There are constantly changing QR codes on the XTIXS tickets. In addition, each ticket is tied to a unique phone number that may be used to make and receive calls. As a result, it is difficult for fraudsters to conduct a secondary scalping sale.

As a result, Lewis Capaldi’s event is yet another historic turning point in how blockchain technology is changing the game in the e-ticketing sector. One NFT ticket at a time, the system will be enhanced across the board, whether it is for events, destinations, or flights.

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