Lady Gaga enters Web3, Features in Robert Wilson’s Video portrait NFT

Lady Gaga has officially joined Web3 but not as a singer. Rather, she is front and center in Director Robert Wilson’s video portrait NFT: GAGA/MORAT, one that had originally been shown in the Louvre in Paris, among other locations.

Lady Gaga

The GAGA/MORAT is based on the 1793 painting of Marat by painter Jacques-Louis David. Marat, a newsperson during the French Revolution, was killed in a bathtub while prepping to write a letter. The GAGA/MORAT video clip portrays Lady Gaga as Morat, posing in a bathtub with a letter and feather pen in hand. The video turns on a loop as Gaga repeats the cryptic phrases over and over.

After the Louvre, GAGA/MORAT made an impression at Art Basel in Miami before landing at the Phillips Museum in Washington D.C. The auction of the NFT, which started at $100, was completed recently, with the closing bid being $15,120. Unlike other art house auctions of NFTs, the auction organizers organized the event altogether in USD, although the winner could make the conclusive payment in USD or Ether.

According to the museum’s website,  only five locations were feasible for an Ether payment: Coinbase Custody Trust, Fidelity Digital Assets Services, Coinbase, Gemini Trust Company, or the Paxos Trust Company. There were other speculations for the maker of an Ether payment, including utilizing just one wallet with partial payments not accepted.

Musicians Enter Web3 in Numbers

This is Lady Gaga’s first incursion into the NFT space. And this has been the one that has been popular with musicians and singers. As of now, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Travis Baker, Jason Derulo, Madonna,  and others have all made inroads into this domain that blends technology and culture. It is also Robert Wilson’s first experience, though it meets his dream to make the video clips — of which they are more i.e. into digital assets.

Lady Gaga, then, joins a long list of musicians and singers in Web3. If the past involvement of celebs is any indicator, she won’t be the last musically famous individual to enter the trending movement.

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