Johnny Depp ETH NFTs Increase Following Actor’s Defamation Lawsuit

Johhny Depp vs Amber Heard

Since winning a slander battle against his ex-wife, Johnny Depp’s NFT Collection’s value has risen. Sales of the “Never Fear Truth” collection on NFT platforms and marketplaces were at an all-time high.”

Johnny Depp’s art collection was put for sale in January. Photographs in the display, titled “Never Fear Truth,” depict Depp’s closest associates and the actor’s idols and inspirations.

All of these people and his late dog Mooh and a fictitious character he created by his son are featured in the collection.

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The collection was built from Johnny Depp’s artwork and animated into an additional 11,111 NFTs. Twenty-five percent of sales earnings will be given to charity-sponsored by Johnny Depp or the celebrities featured in the painting.

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A statement by Johnny Dep at the time of its debut read: “I’ve always utilized art to express myself and reflect on those who are most important to me, such as my family and friends and individuals I respect. Although my paintings are all around me, I’ve kept them to myself. There is no such thing as a limit to one’s potential.”

A succession of photos was released, but in a manner that also gave something back. My supporters and the charities who have meant so much to my family are very blessed to have this chance to thank them. A group of pals around these NFTs would be fantastic. In the NFT space, “I’m just getting started,” he stated.

Never Fear Truth NFTs now have a floor price of $944 for 3,850 tokens. The collection hadn’t gained much popularity on NFT markets before the publicized defamation trial involving stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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