John Terry Backs NFT Racehorse Game MetaRace

Chelsea Football legend John Terry is back in the NFT space. This time he is supporting the NFT P2E racehorse game i.e. MetaRace. John Terry who was a former captain of Chelsea Football Club and England has once again expressed his love of NFTs.

Although, after Terry’s  ‘Ape Kids Football Club’ NFT collection tripped in price, he almost deleted all of his social media posts about the NFT project. But as of now, it appears that the former defender is back, encouraging MetaRace.

The P2E MetaRace game was launched in April on the decentralized edge rendering metaverse protocol, Caduceus. It is the first of its type to launch on Caduceus which is co-built by MetaverseGraph Labs.

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John Terry Loans His Name To The MetaRace Game

John Terry Backs Metarace

In MetaRace Horse Racing, users can interact with other competitive horse racing lovers. There are different game modes, and you can race your mechanical horse to earn rewards. What’s more interesting is, that you can experience the entire horse racing ecosystem within this game.

In the press release, MetaRace remarked, that MetaRace is hugely respectful of the important leaders in various fields who have extended awareness of this partnership, the legendary football superstar, John Terry, one of England & Chelsea’s most successful captains. Further, they added that they will also present professional snooker legend and former world champion Stephen “Snooker Emperor” Hendry.

Having John Terry backing the project will open up the game to millions of fans. Horse racing is extremely popular in England, where John has the majority of his fans.

We can only hope, that the MetaRace game will accomplish better response and results than John Terry’s NFT project, Ape Kids Football Club. Footballers and celebrities are more than welcome in the NFT community, but many people suspect their motives when they promote countless projects, delete posts, etc.

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