Jimmy Fallon Has Joined The Moonbirds NFT Community 

Jimmy Fallon purchases Moonbirds NFT

Jimmy Fallon purchases Moonbird NFTs

James Thomas Fallon, a well-known American television host, has purchased a Moonbirds NFT. “Fly, Moonbirds, Fly!” he said on Twitter. Moonbirds retweeted his remark as well.

Tweet From Moonbirds,

Moonbirds NFTs were on sale on Saturday, April 16, and they’ve already sold $200 million in just two days, as you may have heard. To join the PROOF Collective, an elite group of NFT collectors formed by Ryan Carson and Kevin Rose, you must have at least 99 Ethereum. The Moonbirds have first offered 2.5 ETH apiece when originally presented on Saturday. 

Moonbirds NFT became the newest collection to attain blue-chip status immediately after its minting on Saturday, with record-breaking sales. 

The degree of attention and expectation around the owl-themed NFTs has never been witnessed. Because this is PROOF Collective’s first attempt, it’s amazing that all of the tokens were sold out so soon. 

A video of Paris Hilton’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has recently gone viral. The video was created to promote NFTs. 

NFTs and Moonbirds

Moonbirds NFT’s 10,000 PFP set was auctioned off for $207 million (68,900 ETH). The starting price was 20.2 ETH ($64,000) at publishing. It also surpassed Azuki and Bored Ape Yacht Club in the volume ranking on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, with ETH values of 50,000 and 35,000 in the preceding 30 days, respectively. 

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