Jim Jones and Migos Release Their First Video in Decentraland 

Jim Jones and Migos “We Set The Trends”

In the metaverse game Decentraland, rappers Jim Jones and Migos debuted a video for their song “We Set The Trends” that used NFT imagery. The new video premiered at Metaverse Theatre on June 2nd at 10 PM UTC, according to an official Decentraland tweet. 

The premiere of @jimjonescapo and @Migos NFT music video We Set The Trends will take place at the Metaverse Theatre to commemorate the theatre’s grand opening. 

NFT artists from 15 different countries are featured in EddieVisual’s “We Set The Trends” video. In Jim Jones’ newest Web3 effort, a few Bored Ape Yacht Club avatars make a cameo appearance. 

NFTs were given out to the first 1,000 people who came to attend “We Set The Trends” at the Metaverse Theatre in Los Angeles. A “We Set The Trends” NFT, to be released later this month, will be available to these fortunate visitors first, according to Decentraland. 

They could head to Decentraland and watch Jim Jones and Migos’ latest collaboration if they missed the premiere. According to recent sources, Decentraland’s Metaverse Theatre will show this film till June 10th. The creators of this video have also established a Discord channel where they will announce the release dates of future NFTs. 

The “We Set The Trends” NFT film was sponsored by the P2P platform Limewire, which is interesting. Limewire has struck a contract with Universal Music Group to build its own NFT market.

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Metaverse Experimentation by Musicians 

Web3 developments like NFTs and the metaverse have been swiftly adopted by the music business. Musical artists seem to be interested in using these technologies to produce new streams of revenue and better connect with their audience. 

Snoop Dogg debuted the world’s first music video recorded entirely inside a metaverse only months before the release of “We Set The Trends.” The Sandbox provided the resources for the legendary rapper, a California native, to make a video for his new single, “House I Built.” 

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Snoop Dogg has brought the music business to innumerable Web3 advances, and that’s just one of them. The Doggfather has been working with DJ Steve Aoki and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus on NFT music drops over the last year as part of his pledge to make Death Row Records an all-NFT studio. 

There are numerous more artists making songs in this new genre, even though Snoop Dogg is the most prolific. The Chainsmokers, for example, disclosed that the NFTs for their album So Far So Good would give royalty benefits to holders. One of the ways The Weeknd plans to engage with fans and raise money for charity is by using Web3. 

Web3 is having a huge influence on the music business in the next several years, but it’s impossible to predict how it will evolve. 

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