Jason Derulo to enter the Metaverse with “Slidin”

American pop star Jason Derulo is “slidin” into the metaverse. The pop artist and his label Atlantic Records teamed up with metaverse company TerraZero Technologies Inc. to devise a series of metaverse experiences. The pop star will also take on his own avatar and interact with fans through Decentraland.

Jason Derulo x TerraZero partnership details

Countdown to Jason Derulo’s Metaverse Pool Party

TerraZero company will recreate Jason Derulo’s music video for “Slidin” in Decentraland. Not only that,  fans will have the opportunity to stylize the music video environment. Last but not least, TerraZero will pass away an exclusive metaverse pool party at the metaverse mansion of the music video to a lucky fanatic.

As of today, June 29, The event and music video premiere in the metaverse will go live in Decentraland. Jason Derulo fans and metaverse users can partake in the TerraZero giveaway by visiting the TerraZero website.

As mentioned earlier, Jason Derulo himself will attend the premiere as his own avatar. Derulo talking about this metaverse initiative, said that he would’ve given anything for this sort of connection with his idols growing up. The metaverse, and how individuals can come together to experience something is special. He also cites that this is definitely the future of the Internet and the way TerraZero is doing it and what we made together.

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A fresh fan-artist experience

The concept presents artists with a new way to interact with fans. The metaverse has the power to reintroduce figures from the real world like Jason Derulo. More notably, it allows fans to interact with them in a way that is not feasible in real life.

Dan Reitzik, CEO of TerraZero Technologies, mentions this partnership as an example of what artists can do as multi-faceted performers. The CEO stated that Jason is extremely talented, and an amazing artist to work with. But when he goes on tour, Jason can only commit to the crowd before him. In the Metaverse, we want to bring a global audience to artists like Jason Derulo. Why play to just 20,000 people in an arena when you can play to around 20,000,000 in the Metaverse? said the CEO. 

However, this is not Jason Derulo’s first involvement in the metaverse. Last year, he entered the NFT world by buying Cryptopunk #1961. Derulo also mentioned funding in Solana in June 2021.

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