Indian crypto traders might face a 28% Tax on Crypto Transactions 

On June 28 and 29, a panel that involves India’s federal and finance ministers will consult on whether to impose an extra 28% tax on crypto transactions. The proposed tax will be charged in addition to the existing 30% cryptocurrency income tax.


As per reports, the panel won’t be able to settle on a rate during the two-day meeting. Regardless, they will examine a rate in the top tax bracket of 28%.

In February 2022, the 30% cryptocurrency income tax was imposed on the traders via the bill. The tax bill, according to India’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, is another effort in the right direction toward handling cryptocurrency.

Crypto trade volume tumbled 30% a few months following the increased tax rate. The tax rate also instigated significant exchanges like Coinbase and FTX to reconsider their presence in the country i.e. exit the Indian market.

The 30% income tax wasn’t believed sufficient by Indian officials. A few months after the tax was enforced, India’s previous finance minister stated that higher taxes were needed to prevent individuals from committing to cryptocurrency since it is similar to gambling. He recommended the present administration to raise the tax rate by about 40% or 50%.

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Why the additional crypto tax for Indian traders?

Profits generated by centralized trading fora were subject to a tax rate of 30%. Many Indians flocked to DeFi endeavors, excused from the crypto income tax, to escape the high taxes.

The Indian government, nonetheless, became aware of the change in investor behavior and started to take additional security measures. As per CBDT i.e. India’s Central Board of Direct Taxes a 20% extra tax on revenue derived through DeFi has been pursued after. 

The Goods and Service Tax Council (GST) of India initially proposed the 28% tax rate that the council will inspect next week. The GST correlated cryptocurrency with betting, gambling, and lotteries. The GST launched a legal committee to classify the scope of cryptocurrency within these activities and suggest an appropriate tax rate.

Although Indian officials are against citizens using crypto, the states sure do love blockchain technology. Numerous state departments actively use blockchain technology to keep records and store useful information.

Furthermore, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is working on its own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It remains to see what the future unfolds for Indian investors. 

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