HTC teams up with Japan’s pixiv to launch 3D avatars in Metaverse

Avatars are a crucial element in people’s virtual lives in the metaverse. VIVERSE, the HTC metaverse platform, reported that it has teamed up with pixiv Inc., which operates pixiv, a leading Japan creator platform.

The partnership will bring fresh Japanese anime-style avatars to VIVERSE by integrating pixiv’s 3D character modeling software, VRoid Studio. This collaboration will offer users more opportunities to express themselves creatively and bring their vision to life in the metaverse.

HTC x Pixiv x Vroid Metaverse partnership


Managed by pixiv Inc., pixiv aspires to build a place where creation becomes more mesmerizing. pixiv is one of Japan’s most recognized social media platforms, presenting a place for all types of creators to share their illustrations, manga, and novels and interact with each other. In response to the growing requests for virtual content, pixiv launched VRoid in 2018 (a 3D virtual character modeling software). Using VRoid Studio, users can customize their virtual characters’ hairstyles, faces, bodies, clothes, etc. More than 10,000 avatars are made via VRoid every day worldwide.

Joseph Lin, President of VIVERSE, explains that Avatars are an essential part of the metaverse. They represent a user’s persona and swiftly communicate the idea of ‘who I am’ to others. The partnership with pixiv will rapidly improve the number of virtual characters on VIVERSE and fulfill the needs of users who favor anime and manga styles. VIVERSE will continue to present more unique characters and accessories in the future; with a variety of virtual avatars from reality to imaginary, a metaverse like Star Trek will not be far behind says the president.

Shingo Kunieda, President and CEO of pixiv, believes integrating VRoid Avatar with the VIVERSE system would be ideal news for VRoid users as 90 percent of VRoid Studio users are from different countries outside Japan. They will continue working with VIVERSE to construct a world where people from all over the world can relish communication through 3D Avatar.

pixiv co-founded the VRM Consortium with 13 other Japanese companies. The organization seeks to spread the platform-independent 3D avatar file format VRM and cultivate a unified standard. HTC has also informed support for the VRM standard since the launch of VIVERSE.

Presently, both VRM Consortium and HTC are principal members of the Metaverse Standards Forum, committed to achieving open metaverse interoperability.

The first task of the partnership between VIVERSE and pixiv will be linking the data on their systems. VRoid users will be able to utilize their original Avatar models on the VIVERSE platform. As for the long-term mission, VIVERSE and pixiv will operate together to deliver users with more customized and flexible creation features and to optimize the avatar tools and accessories for VIVERSE.

Further, in addition to the existing Avatar functions, VIVERSE will also bring more services via partnerships to provide more customized services following the demands of corporations.

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About pixiv

pixiv Inc. develops and operates a platform for creators to create a place where creation becomes more interesting. As the platform’s core, “pixiv” is an SNS for creators, focusing on interaction via their works i.e. illustrations, manga, and novels.

Since pixiv’s beginning in September 2007, it has had over 81 million users worldwide with over 100 million artworks. In addition to pixiv, the firm has developed various services such as BOOTH, a comprehensive marketplace for C2C creations, and FANBOX, a fan community that backs creative activities. 

About VRoid

VRoid is a 3D project of pixiv Inc. The project’s concept is to create a place where creative activities become more appealing. VRoid Studio, the 3D character creation software, allows users to easily create anime-like 3D characters by customizing their hairstyle, face, body, clothes, etc. as per their preferences. Presently, more than 10,000 Avatars are produced worldwide daily.  

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